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HARTER REIEW OMMITEE <br />CCVVCCTT <br />ENDA <br />AGG <br />onday, Dcember 1, 2011 <br />MMee99 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />: <br />Mayor’s CeremonialRoom <br />C <br />City Hall, 900 Main Street <br />33 <br />Cit Clerk’s Office - 951-826-5557 <br />yy <br />MISSIONN STATEMMENT <br />TThe City of Riverside iss committed to providiing high quuality municcipal servicees to ensuree a safe, <br />iclusive, and livable cmmunity <br />nnoo <br />1. Chair vans calls meeting t orde <br />EEoor <br />2. Oral cmmunications from te audiene - Pleasee Note: Inividual audience paticipation <br />oohhccddrr <br />is limitd to 3 minte. Pleae complet a speaker card and submit to te City Clrk. <br />eeuussseeehhee <br />3.pproal of minuts for Novmber 28, 011 <br />Avveeee22 <br />4. Internl auditor psition - Setion 700 <br />aoocc <br />5. Citizens’ audit comittee - ection 140 <br />mmS66 <br />6. Library Director qalification - Section 601 and 08 <br />uussss88 <br />7. Park and Recreaion Comission - Rmove resonsibility or mainteance of parkways, <br />ttmmeeppffnn <br />shrubs, and trees within stret right-of-ay - Sectin 809 <br />eewwoo <br />8. Runoff Elections Section 40 <br />--00 <br />a.ity Counci <br />CCll <br />b.ayo <br />MMr <br />9. Commssion on Sustainabilit - rticle III <br />iiyyAVV <br />10.djour <br />Ann <br />LISTENINGSSISTIVE DEVICES are available for the heaing impaire--please se City Cler <br />AArrddeekk <br />The City of RRiverside wisshes to makke all of its ppublic meetings accessiible to the ppublic. Uponn request, <br />tis agenda will be mae available in appropiate alternative format to person with disailities, as <br />hhddrrtssssbb <br />reequired by SSection 202 of the Amerricans with DDisabilities AAct of 1990. Any personn with a disaability who <br />reequires a moodification or accommoddation in ordder to participate in a meeeting shoulld direct succh request <br />t the City's DA Coordinator at (951) 826-542 or TDD at (951) 826-439 at least 72 hours efore the <br />ooAA7755sbb <br />eeting, if pssible. <br />mmoo <br />AAgenda related writings or documennts provided to the Commmittee are available foor public insppection in <br />te Office of the City Clrk, at www.iversideca.ov, and in he binder lcated in th meeting rom while <br />hheerrggttooeeoo <br />thhe Committeee is in sessiion. <br />