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 <br /> <br />úÎÐÐÔÉÉØØðØÐÎËÜÏÙÈÐ <br /> <br />TO: CHARTER REVIEW COMMITTEE DATE: DECEMBER 19, 2011 <br />FROM: CITY CLERK <br />SUBJECT: RUNOFF ELECTIONS <br />BACKGROUND: <br />At the meeting of November 28, 2011, the Charter Review Committee requested staff to prepare <br />Charter language to provide for Mayor and City Council run-off elections sixty days following the <br />general election. Elections Code Section 1100 provides that no election shall be held on any day <br />other than a Tuesday, nor shall any election be held on the day before, the day of, or the day after, <br />a state holiday. The draft language prepared is specific to avoid any confusion on the precise <br />calendar date elections will be held and to comply with Elections Code Section 1100. For detailed <br />information, please refer to the information contained in the attached correspondence from the <br />Registrar of Voters. A summary of issues is presented below. <br />City Council Elections <br />The attached draft amendment to Charter Section 400(c) provides for City Council runoff elections <br />to be held on the last Tuesday in August of odd-numbered years. Following City Council June <br />general elections, the Registrar of Voters certifies election results within a few days. There is <br />sufficient time to accommodate recounts, if any, and preparation and distribution of run-off election <br />materials for an August election, if held late in the month. The last Tuesday is preferred as other <br />jurisdictions conduct elections that same day and some cost savings and efficiencies may be <br />realized. Voters will participate in elections in June, August, and November. <br />Mayor Elections <br />The general election for Mayor is held in June of Presidential election years.Certification of election <br />results usually requires the full 28 days provided for in the Elections Code. Allowing for possible <br />recounts and preparation and mailing of ballots, it is impractical to conduct a runoff election in <br />August. The attached draft amendment to Charter Section 400(d) provides for Mayor runoff <br />elections to be held on the second Tuesday following the first Monday in September of Presidential <br />election years to provide sufficient time to comply with all Elections Code procedures and avoid <br />conflict with the Labor Day holiday. <br />Charter amendments approved by voters on June 5, 2012, will not be effective until filed by the <br />Secretary of State‚Äôs Office. The filing will likely be recorded in early August 2012. Therefore, any <br />change in the Mayor runoff election date could not be effective until the 2016 election cycle as <br />election preparations will be well underway. The draft language for Charter Section 400(j) <br />