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Date: 12 -19 -2011 <br />Item No.: 2 RECEIVED <br />DEC - -9 2011 <br />December 7, 2011 <br />City of Riverside <br />Charter Review Committee <br />3900 Main Street, 7th Floor <br />Riverside, CA 92522 <br />Chairman Thomas Evans and Members of the Committee: <br />City of Riverside <br />City Clerk's Office <br />During the November 28, 2011 Charter Review Committee meeting and during discussion about the <br />Citizens Audit Committee and the internal audit position, Committec Vice Chair Maureen Kane <br />questioned whether an audit procedure, either internal or external, would accomplish what was being <br />requested, presumably a mechanism to assist the elected officials in making correct decisions, especially <br />with respect to taxpayer and ratepayer funded spending. <br />In the last 10 years, the City has increased public wages and salaries more rapidly than the private sector, <br />has increased pension benefits more than the apparent 35% (2.0% to 2.7 %) for general employees and <br />50% (2.0% to 3.0 %) for safety employees since they are retroactive, and has increased the enterprise fund <br />contribution (electric and water) 28 % or more. The latter two being additive to costs that are routinely <br />increased themselves. The City and the Utility have had audits performed by outside auditors and I am <br />sure that they have concluded, after the fact, that the City's and UtiIity's revenue and expense reporting <br />was proper. Additional audits by internal auditors will not accomplish anything further. <br />To provide the elected officials with guidance from their constituency, the Committee should consider <br />recommending the establishment of an independent wages, salaries, and benefits committee as I <br />suggested at the Charter Review Committee meeting of October 17, 2011. My statement as of that date is <br />attached. As an alternative, with broader scope, the Committee should consider recommending the <br />establishment of an independent office akin to the California Legislative Analysts Office (the State's <br />fiscal and policy adviser) to review the budget, including specific budget items such as increases in wage, <br />salary, and benefits, implementation of new programs, and capital expenditures before any actions are <br />taken and before any expenditures are made, not after, as would occur with an audit. <br />Sincerely, <br />Robert A. Krieger <br />2644 Vista de Victoria <br />Riverside, CA 92506 <br />5110 -39- CRC -LI <br />Attachment <br />2 -1 <br />