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Date: 12 -19 -2011 <br />Item No.: 3 <br />CHARTER REVIEW COMMITTEE <br />MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2011, 5:30 P.M. <br />LA SIERRA SENIOR CENTER <br />5215 LA SIERRA AVENUE, BUILDING B <br />►I AMMM <br />PRESENT: Chair Tom Evans, Vice -Chair Maureen Kane and Members <br />Benavidez, Karl Hicks, Brent Lee, Diana Medina (arrived at 6 p.m.), <br />Jose Medina, Damien O'Farrell, Michelle Ouellette, William Perez, <br />Michael Pope, David St. Pierre, Wendel Tucker, Sharon Tyrrell, <br />Montgomery Van Wart, and Mary Van Doren (Alternate) <br />ABSENT: None <br />STAFF PRESENT: Colleen Nicol, Sherry Morton - Ellis, Susan Wilson, Susan Allen, <br />Angie Banjarjian, Brent Mason, Sergio Diaz, Steve Earley, Belinda <br />Graham, Cheryl Johannes, and David Wright <br />ALSO PRESENT: Judy Nichols, Linda Baker, Conrad Newberry, Lolita Barnard, Bob <br />Stockton, Barbara Purvis, Kevin Dawson, Jim Perry, Scott <br />Andrews, Gary Tate, Sandra Dente, Annette Beh, Sergio <br />DeCarvalho, Christina Duran, Tom Schultz, Robert Krieger, Barry <br />Johnson, Mary Humboldt, Jennifer Vaughn - Blakely, Bernie Titus, <br />and others <br />Chair Evans convened the meeting at 5:30 p.m. <br />Deputy City Attorney Wilson discussed the meaning, purpose, and provisions of the <br />Riverside Charter and the process for its amendment. <br />ORAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />Barbara Purvis spoke regarding the title of Library Director in Section 808. Kevin <br />Dawson spoke regarding the naming of City facilities. Scott Andrews spoke regarding a <br />salary commission, public utilities' fees and taxes, public works contract bidding on -line, <br />and public employee pensions. Mary Humboldt spoke regarding the internal auditor, a <br />citizens' audit committee, employee benefits, and public monuments. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />It was moved by Member St. Pierre and seconded by Member O'Farrell to approve the <br />minutes of November 7, 2011, as presented. Motion carried unanimously with Member <br />Ouellette abstaining. <br />3 -1 <br />