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MEMORANDUM <br />City Manager/Finance <br />DATE: <br /> 12/15/2011 <br />TO: <br /> CHARTER REVIEW COMMITTEE <br />FROM: <br /> PAUL C. SUNDEEN, ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER/CFO <br />CC: <br />RE: <br /> INTERNAL AUDITOR APPOINTMENT/REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY <br />SUMMARYRECOMMENDATION: <br />The Charter Review Committee (“CRC”) has discussed a possible Charter amendment <br />relative to the appointment and oversight of the Internal Audit function. Staff’s <br />recommendation to the CRC is no change to the appointment and reporting structure, <br />but adding confirmation by the City Council of the appointment made by the City <br />Manager. Additionally, periodic reporting to the Finance Committee of the results of its <br />audits is recommended. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The audit requirements of the City can be split into two separate functions – an external <br />audit function and an internal audit function. The external audit function is mandated by <br />State law and performs required financial audits in which they report as to whether the <br />accounts of the City reasonably reflect the City’s financial position. They are required to <br />report to a body (currently the Finance Committee) regarding the outcome of their audit <br />work. While the scope of their work is typically the same from one municipal <br />organization to another, they are able to provide independent, financial audit services for <br />any additional services deemed necessary by the Finance Committee and/or City <br />Council. <br />The internal audit function is focused on performing audits that are either operational or <br />compliance based. The objective is to find inefficiencies or instances of non-compliance <br />and make recommendations to improve those conditions. Staff’s recommendation is <br />based on its belief that the internal audit function best serves the City’s needs in the <br />current organizational structural. It serves as a resource of the City Manager to identify <br />areas for improvement as he endeavors to manage the City in the most cost effective <br />and efficient manner. Under the current structure, the City Council can request the <br />Internal Auditor to review any program or expenditure it believes merits attention. <br />