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n <br />CITY OF <br />R-1V R,S1D <br />City Council Memorandum <br />City s Arts &Innovation <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL DATE: December 13, 2011 <br />FROM: PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT ITEM NO: 52 <br />Ui%1 N IM] <br />SUBJECT: RIVERSIDE RENAISSANCE —BID NO. 6782—MAGNOLIA AVENUE UNDERPASS <br />AT UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD — INCREASE IN CHANGE ORDER AUTHORITY <br />ISSUE <br />The issue for City Council consideration is approval of an increase in change order authority for the <br />Magnolia Avenue Grade Separation Project (Project). <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />That the City Council authorize an increase of $1,680,051.75 to the cumulative change order <br />authority for Bid No. 6782 — Magnolia Avenue Underpass at the Union Pacific Railroad. <br />BACKGROUND <br />On December 1, 2009, the City Council awarded an $11,637,802.50 contract to Riverside <br />Construction Company Inc., for the Project. The low bid was 40.31% under the Engineer's <br />estimate. The Project included: <br />• Demolition and removal of six (6) buildings; <br />• Construction of a temporary single railroad shoofly track; <br />• Relocation and reconstruction or undergrounding of existing overhead utilities, reconstruction <br />of existing water, storm drain facilities; <br />• Construction of a double track steel bridge structure; <br />• Excavation and construction of Magnolia Avenue for approximately 1,500 feet, from <br />approximately 750 feet south of the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad crossing to approximately <br />750 feet north of the UP Railroad crossing, including landscaping and irrigation <br />improvements; <br />• Construction of approximately 1,600 feet of roadway modifications and widening on Beatty <br />Drive, Merrill Avenue, and Nogales Street; and <br />• Construction of new storm water pumping station. <br />52 -1 <br />