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rL I <br />CITY OF <br />RIVERSIDE <br />City (Arts Unnovation <br />IIIIIIIIIIIIIII III1111111111111111111 Illllllllllllllllllllltlllllll <br />TO: <br />ixelm <br />REVISED <br />City Council Memorandum <br />I1111111111111111111111111111I11111111111111�1111111111111111111111 II111111111111111111II <br />HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />COUNCILMEMBER PAUL DAVIS <br />DATE: DEC 13, 2011 <br />ITEM NO: 34a <br />IT:TI <br />SUBJECT: ALTERNATE USE OF FUNDS DESIGNATED FOR PERSONNEL - BUDGET <br />TRANSFER <br />ISSUE <br />The issue for City Council consideration is whether to authorize alternate use of funding approved <br />for personnel within the City Council's budget. <br />RECOMMENDATIONS <br />That the City Council: <br />1. Approve a transfer of appropriation in the amount of $18,400 within the City Council's budget <br />(from account # 411100 - salaries to account # 450302 - City Sponsorship Program) to <br />support sponsorship of various activities and events that are of benefit to the community; <br />and <br />2. Approve the sponsorship of various programs as outlined in the report based on <br />commitments made from the vacancy savings derived from Ward 4's budget allocation for a <br />Council Assistant aka LFR. <br />BACKGROUND <br />The City Council's budget includes funding for a Council Assistant for Ward 4. The annual base <br />salary of the Council Assistant position is slightly more than $50,000. The Councilmember for <br />Ward 4 has opted not to fill the Council Assistant position designated for his ward, thereby <br />generating vacancy savings which is proposed to be used to fund various sponsorships that benefit <br />the community. <br />Examples of such sponsorships from past and present fiscal years include support for non - profit <br />agencies and activities such as Library and Park and Recreation needs, National Night Out Pool <br />openings, Prevent Child Abuse Riverside County, C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocacy), <br />Youth Court, Police Explorer Program, International Relations Council of Riverside (IRC) /Lunar <br />Festival, support for Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service /Back to School Program, local <br />school visual and performing arts programs, crossing guards, sports and cheerleading programs. <br />In the current fiscal year, two sponsorships totaling $8,000 have been provided. In an effort to <br />address concerns that have arisen regarding the procedure and process for re- directing vacancy <br />savings toward sponsorships for community groups and programs, no other commitments have <br />been processed. 34a -1 <br />