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CW4N Of <br />R <br />City Council Memorandum <br />City 0"Ar•ts & Innovation <br />' wuuuuuwuuuuuuwuuuuuuuuuwuuuuuwumwuuuuuwuu mmuu uwuuuuuwuuuuuuwuouuuuuwu...... um mmmuuwu mmu wmmmuwuummuwummwuuuuuwuu...... uuuwuuuuuwuuuu <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL DATE: October 11, 2011 <br />FROM: PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT ITEM NO: 16 <br />WARDS: ALL <br />SUBJECT: ONE -TIME PARKING CITATION AMNESTY PROGRAM <br />ISSUE <br />The issue for City Council consideration is approval of a one -time Parking Citation Amnesty <br />Program for unpaid parking violations under the Riverside Municipal Code for parking <br />regulations. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />That the City Council approve implementation of a one -time Parking Citation Amnesty Program <br />for unpaid parking citations under the Riverside Municipal Code for parking regulations. <br />COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS <br />On August 10, 2011, the Finance Committee reviewed the delinquent fee under the Riverside <br />Municipal Code for violations of municipal parking regulations. The Committee, with Chair Hart, <br />Vice Chair Davis and Member Gardner present, directed the Public Works Department to <br />explore options for unpaid parking citations, including an amnesty program to provide relief to <br />motorists with unpaid parking citations that have been assessed a delinquent fee. <br />On September 14, 2011, the Finance Committee, with Chair Hart, Vice Chair Davis and Member <br />Gardner present, unanimously approved the one -time Parking Citation Amnesty Program for <br />unpaid parking citations. <br />BACKGROUND <br />Parking restrictions are imposed to ensure transportation routes in Riverside flow safely and are <br />not blocked. Regularly patrolling all restricted parking zones helps to keep traffic safety in check <br />by issuing parking citations to vehicles that are in violation of the restrictions. A parking citation <br />is a deterrent to motorists who might otherwise ignore parking regulations. <br />Riverside practices a balanced approach to maximize driver compliance while minimizing the <br />perception of aggressive parking citation issuance. The phases of parking citation collection are <br />as follows: <br />16 -1 <br />