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497 Contribution Report <br />Amounts may be rounded to whole dollars. <br />497 CONTRIBUTION REPORT <br />NAME OFFILER <br />Erin Edwards for City Council Ward 1 2019 <br />Date of <br />This Filing 08/28/2019 <br />Date Stamp <br />REC'-Irr E <br />1!a' - <br />N' <br />A 0 A <br />0. <br />For Official Use Only <br />AREA CODE/PHONE NUMBER <br />NUMBER (Wapplicable) <br />(IFCOMMIT(EE, ALSO ENTER I.O.NUMBER) <br />CODE <br />Report No. 683379 -KA <br />RECEIVED <br />6052 <br />(IF SELF-EMPLOYED, ENTER NAME OF BUSINESS) <br />2 Nil <br />08/28/2019 <br />STREET ADDRESS <br />F1 Amendment <br />1,000.00 <br />0 <br />o <br />texpReport <br />; ersldld <br />CITY STATE ZIP CODE <br />(lain below)No. <br />I(,.,If <br />t, ce <br />oli <br />D.R. Horton <br />No. of Pages <br />❑ OTH <br />Riverside CA <br />E] Check if Loan <br />1. Contribution(s) Received <br />DATE <br />FULL NAME, STREET ADDRESS AND ZIP CODE OF CONTRIBUTOR <br />CONTRIBUTOR <br />IF AN INDIVIDUAL, <br />AMOUNT <br />RECEIVED <br />(IFCOMMIT(EE, ALSO ENTER I.O.NUMBER) <br />CODE <br />ENTER OCCUPATION AND EMPLOYER <br />RECEIVED <br />(IF SELF-EMPLOYED, ENTER NAME OF BUSINESS) <br />08/28/2019 <br />Keith I. Alex <br />Senior Vice President of <br />1,000.00 <br />0 <br />[M IND <br />Operations <br />Riverside, CAW <br />❑ com <br />D.R. Horton <br />❑ OTH <br />E] Check if Loan <br />❑ PTY <br />El SCC <br />Provide interest rate <br />08/28/2019 <br />Rubnau Clarke Architects <br />1,500.00 <br />❑ IND <br />RiversRiversT e, CA <br />El COM <br />OTH <br />Ej Check if Loan <br />❑ PTY <br />❑ scc <br />% <br />Provide interest rate <br />08/28/2019 <br />Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 721, CTW, CLC <br />8,000.00 <br />State & Local Small Contributor Committee <br />IND <br />EEE1jjjjjf� <br />Los Angeles, CA <br />❑ com <br />Committee ID If 743794 <br />F] OTH <br />D Check if Loan <br />El PTY <br />SCC <br />Provide interest rate <br />Reason for Amendment: <br />*Contributor Codes <br />IND -individual <br />COM - Recipient Committee (other than PTY or SCC) <br />OTH - Other (e.g., business entity) <br />PTY- Political Party <br />SCG -Small Contributor Committee <br />FPPC Form 497 (Feb12019) <br />FPPC Advice: (8661275-3772) <br /> <br />