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Statement of Organization <br />Recipient Committee <br />Statement Type 0 Initial <br />O Not yet qualified <br />PC <br />Q Date qualification threshold met <br />Amendment !LI Termination -- See Part 5 <br />Date qualification threshold met <br />066_ r 28 1 2018 <br />1. Committee Information <br />I.D. Number <br />(if applicable) <br />1406052 <br />Date of termination <br />Date Stamp <br />RECE'VE© AND FILE <br />in the o ice Of the Secretary of St <br />of the State of California <br />MAY 10 2Q1 <br />____,, __, <br />__I_ <br />f.TreasurerandotherPrinci pa l Officers <br />For Official Use Oniy <br />NAME OFCOMMITTEE. <br />Erin Edwards for City Council Ward 1 2019 <br />STREET ADDRCSS (NO F,O. BOX) <br />CITY <br />FULL MAILING ADDRESS IIF DIFFERENT} <br />E-MAIL ADDRESS (REQUIRED) / FAx (OPTIONAL) 1. <br />CA <br />NAME OE TREASURER <br />Shawnda Deane <br />STREET ADDRESS{NJ P.O. BCxj <br />CI;Y SrATE ZIP CODE AREA CODE/PHONE <br />Sacramento CA <br />AREA CODE PHONE NAME OE PSSISTANi TREASURER, IF ANY <br />5aciamanto (n <br />COUNTY OP DDMICILE IURISOIC-!ON WHERE COMMETTEE 15 ACTIVE <br />Sacramento County <br />city of Riverside <br />Erin Edwards <br />STREETADDRESS (N.D P,O. BM <br />CI FY <br />rnv <br />Attach additional information an appropriately labeled continuation sheets. <br />Riverside CA <br />NAME OF PRINCIPAI.OFFICER(S) <br />ARI:ACODEiPHONE <br />STREET ADDRESS (NO P.O. BCx] <br />CITY STATE LIP CODE AREA CODE/PFFONE <br />3. Verification <br />have used all reasonable diligence in preparing th <br />penalty of perjury udder the taws of the State of Ca <br />Executed on '. • • it 1 /By <br />DAT <br />r► 0/ <br />Executed on (15 <br />D <br />Executed on By <br />DATE <br />Executed on By <br />DATE <br />net/&m <br />information contained herein is true and complete. I certify under <br />CANT TREASURER <br />SI(aNAU AIME IJr LUN I [VLLINw urro-enJLucTg., nI1L,L TE, OR STATE MEASURE PROPONENT <br />SIGNATURE OF CONTROLLING DPPPICEHOLDER, CANDIDATE, OR STATE MEASURE PROPONENT <br />SICNATU RE OF CONTROLLING OFFICEHOLDER, CANDIDATE, OR STATE MEASURE PROPONENT <br />FPPC Farm 410 (August/2018) <br />FPPC Advice: (866/275-3772) <br />www.f ppc. <br />