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INCLUSIVENESS, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, <br />AND GOVERNMENTAL PROCESSES COMMITTEE <br />MINUTES <br />WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2022, 3:30 P.M. <br />PUBLIC COMMENT IN PERSON/TELEPHONE <br />ART PICK COUNCIL CHAMBER <br />CityY'Arts &Innovation 3900 MAIN STREET <br />PRESENT: Chair Cervantes, Vice Chair Perry, and Member Conder <br />ABSENT: None <br />STAFF PRESENT: Donesia Gause, Susan Wilson, Rafael Guzman, Megan Stoye, and <br />Kaitlin Reierson <br />ALSO PRESENT: Elizabeth Stitt <br />Chair Cervantes convened the meeting at 3:31 p.m. <br />ORAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />There was no one wishing to address the Committee. <br />RESHAPE RIVERSIDE REDISTRICTING UPDATE <br />Following discussion and without formal motion, the Committee received and ordered <br />filed an update on the Reshape Riverside Redistricting Plan. <br />OPTIONS TO EXPAND LANGUAGE ACCESS FOR LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENCY PERSONS <br />THROUGH SPANISH TRANSLATION OF CITY COUNCIL AND COMMITTEE MEETING <br />BROADCASTS AND AGENDAS <br />Following discussion, it was moved by Chair Cervantes and Vice Chair Perry to (1) expand <br />language access for Limited English Proficiency persons through the Spanish translation <br />of City Council and Committee meeting agendas; (2) expand language access for <br />Limited English Proficiency persons through automated Spanish captions of City Council <br />and Committee meetings; (3) provide in-person interpretation options for City Council <br />and Committee meetings; and (4) direct staff to refer any language access and <br />translation service recommendations selected to the full City Council for discussion. The <br />motion carried with Member Conder abstaining. <br />ICGC-38 <br />