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Rebuttal to the Argument Against Measure C , <br />The opponents of Measure C have their facts wrong. <br />According to the City Attorney's Impartial Analysis, Measure C was put on the ballot bythe <br />Riverside City Council'for the purpose of malntalning general cltyservlcessuch as 9-1-1 <br />response, fire, paramedic, police, street repairs, parks, senior services, addressing <br />homelessness and other general services." <br />Measure C does NOT increase utility rates or raise taxes. It adheres to strict accountability <br />with independent financial audits and public disclosure of all spending, which will be available <br />online. <br />Measure C continues the practice of transferring revenue from the City's electric utility fund to <br />the City's general fund, something that has been in place since 1965 and voters have approved <br />three tunes before. The passage of Measure C also means that Riverside Public Utility <br />electricity rate payers will receive up to $24 million In total bill credits over the next five years. <br />Measure C will prevent cuts of $40 million a year for the City to fund vital services. As we work <br />to recover from the pandemi c, we need Measure C now more than ever to retain local <br />businesses, address homelessness and fund essential city services including emergency <br />response, public safety, wildfire prevention, youth programs, street repairs and services for <br />seniors and individuals with disabilities. <br />Let's make sure Riverside continues to be a place with strong neighborhoods, vital local <br />businesses, clean and safe parks, recreation for Kids and families and programs for our seniors. <br />Vote YES on Measure C. <br />/s/ David Prietto <br />/s/ Miguel Ahumada <br />/s/ Steve Hemenway <br />