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Argument In Favor of Measure C <br />Measure C will enisure that we can protect essential city services, including <br />�-I-1 emergency response, fire and paramedic services, public safety and street repairs while <br />I <br />Adressing homeliessness and continuing our investmients in yout�h, parks, libraries, and senior <br />1IM- &-= <br />Measure C generates $40 million a year for the City of Riverside through a transfer from the <br />utility company to Our general fuind. This practice has been in place since 1968 and has been <br />approved by voters 3 times before. Measure C does not increase utility rates or raise taxes. <br />As we work to recover from the plandernic, it is critical that we maintain vital city services and <br />Dave resources available to rebuild our local economy -.-- iretainiing local businesses, making road <br />repairs, and addressing homelessness in our comimuniity, <br />We all know that every minute Counts in an emergency, Measure C provides, funding, for <br />firefighiteir and paramedic emergency response and ensures they have the equipment they <br />need including personal protective equipment and com,imunications technology to save lives in <br />a natural disaster or health emergency. <br />Measure C continues fund'ing for public safety to helia protect our neighborhoods, support <br />programs, to keep at -risk youth off the streets, and to fight drug and human trafficking. It <br />_*',xV±I: �jfiriiftwsko f <br />senioirs, all of which enhance our quality of life making Riverside a great place to live, work a,nd <br />raisei a farnily. <br />Measure C provides strict accountability to make sure, funds are used as effectively as possible <br />through annual independent financial audits and public disclosure of all spending, which will <br />be available online. <br />/s/ Stephen Patterson <br />/s/ Timothy Strack <br />/s/ Jennifer O'Farrell <br />/s/ Patricia Lock Dawson <br />/s/ Carmen Lainez <br />