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Argument Against Measure C <br />Vote 'No' on Measure C and your electricity bill could go down 11.5%. This is <br />because the city will no longer be able to take 11.5% of electric revenues and <br />transfer it to the General Fund. Plus, the refunds RPU will be issuing for past <br />overbilling because of this unconstitutional tax (as already determined by the trial <br />court) could be nearly 150% greater. <br />The City claims this measure is about preservation of municipal services - untrue. <br />It is about paying for bloated salaries and excessive pension obligations. There are <br />over 200 city employees whose total compensation is more than $300,000/year; <br />over 550 employees with compensation over $200,000. The average retiree from <br />the City, who worked 30 -years, has a nearly $100,000 annual pension. Many <br />retire in their fifties and are paid more in total during their retirement than they <br />ever earned working. See <br />In 2016, Riverside voters elected to tax ourselves extra for sales tax. This <br />generates over $60,000,000 per year in new revenue for the City. Named the <br />"Public Safety and Vital Services Measure," we were promised it would solve the <br />City's most -pressing problems: public safety, infrastructure, vagrancy... sound <br />familiar? Instead our City Council gave almost half that money away in the form <br />of windfall salary increases to City employees, which is why our streets continue <br />to crumble, crime is rising, and the homeless population has exploded. <br />Don't be fooled again by Measure C backers' scare tactics and doomsday <br />predictions! City watchdogs argued for years that the transfer tax from your <br />electric bills was illegal, but the City refused to stop it until the court ruled against <br />them. Now they ask for forgiveness in lieu of permission. <br />Join the broad coalition of residents, businesses, and institutions that are <br />demanding fiscal responsibility. Vote "No" on Measure C. <br />/s/ Vivian Moreno <br />/s/ Ben Clymer Jr. <br />/s/ Dvonne M. Pitruzzello <br />/s/ James Goldman <br />/s/ Sharon Mateja <br />