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-- 1 <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />16 <br />17 <br />18 <br />19 <br />20 <br />21 <br />22 <br />23 <br />24 <br />25 <br />26 <br />27 <br />7.R <br />CITY AuoRZY'S OPPICG <br />3900 MAIN STREET <br />..SM <br />IVii.S CA 92522 <br />(951) 826-5567 <br />APPENDIX A <br />SUCCESSOR AGENCY <br />TO THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />CONFLICT OF INTEREST <br />DESIGNATED POSITIONS <br />Designated Position Title Disclosure Category <br />Chief Assistant City Attorney 1 <br />City Manager 9 <br />Community and Economic Development Director 1 <br />Deputy Community and Economic Development Director 1 <br />Fiscal Manager 1 <br />Mayor and City Council 9 <br />Project Coordinator 1 <br />Senior Project Manager 1 <br />Successor Agency City Clerk 1 <br />Successor Agency General Counsel 9 <br />Consultants* 6 <br />Designated employees include person filling the above positions in an acting, temporary, deputy or <br />alternate status to the extent not clearly inapplicable under the provision of this Code. <br />*Consultants shall be included in the list of designated employees and shall disclose pursuant to Disclosure Category 6 subject to the <br />following limitation: <br />The department head may determine in writing that a particular consultant, although a "designated position," is hired to perform a <br />range of duties that is limited in scope and thus is not required to fully comply with the disclosure requirements described in this <br />section. Such written determination shall include a description of the consultant's duties and, based upon that description, a statement <br />of the extent of disclosure requirements. The department head's determination is a public record and shall be retained for public <br />inspection in the sarne manner and location as this conflict of interest code. <br />