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Deane & Company <br />MAY/24/2019/FR] <br />497 Contribution Report <br />Amounts may be rounded to whole dollars, <br />497 CONTRIBUTION REPORT <br />NAME OF FILER <br />Erin Edwards for City Council Ward <br />1 2019 <br />CONTRIBUTOR <br />CODE • <br />Date of <br />This Filing 05/24/2019 <br />Date Stamp <br />�` <br />i �y I. <br />lllwwrr � <br />MAY 2 4 2019 <br />City of Riverside <br />City Clerk's Offia: <br />CALIFORNIA 4d9 ■ <br />FORM <br />For Official Use Only <br />AREA CODE/PHONE NUMBER <br />11.D. NUMBER OfappfacableJNMI <br />i1406�52 <br />❑ IND <br />Z COM <br />❑ OTH <br />fieport No 583326-.71<° <br />1,000.60 <br />0 Check if Loan <br />v <br />❑ Amendment <br />to Report No <br />❑ SCC <br />Provide interest f ie <br />CITY <br />Riverside <br />STATE <br />CA <br />ZIP CODE <br />(explain below) <br />No. of Pages 1 <br />❑ Check it Loan <br />1. Contribution(s) Received <br />DATE <br />RECEIVED <br />FULL NAME, STREET ADDRESS AND ZIP CODE OF CONTRIBUTOR <br />(fF COMMrrTEE. ALSO ENTER I . NUMBER) <br />CONTRIBUTOR <br />CODE • <br />!FAN INDIVIDUAL, <br />ENTER OCCUPATION AND EMPLOYER <br />(IF SEL. -EMPLOYED. ENTER NAME Of BUSINESS) <br />AMOUNT <br />RECEIVED <br />05/24/2019 <br />United Food & Commercial Workers Union <br />111111.1111, <br />Committee 1➢ $ 1254111 <br />fUFC+r1 Local 1167 <br />❑ IND <br />Z COM <br />❑ OTH <br />1,000.60 <br />0 Check if Loan <br />v <br />• PTY <br />❑ SCC <br />Provide interest f ie <br />❑ IND <br />7 COM <br />❑ Check it Loan <br />• OTH <br />❑ PTY <br />■ SCC <br />Provide interest rata <br />E IND <br />❑ COM <br />D Check if Loan <br />% <br />• OTH <br />❑ Pr. <br />❑ SCC <br />Provide interest rate <br />Reason for Amendment: <br />'Contributor Codes <br />IND— Individual <br />COM — Recipient Committee (other than PTY or SCC) <br />DTH — Other (e.g.. business entity) <br />PTY—Political Party <br />SCC — Small Contributor Committee <br />FPPC Form 497 (Feb/2019) <br />FPPC Advice: (8661275.3772) <br /> <br />