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Statement of Organization <br />Recipient Commi <br />Statement Type <br />li jt <br />(—j�'Not yet qualified <br />or <br />0 Date qualification threshold met <br />0 Amendment <br />0 Termination — See Part 5 <br />Date qualification threshold met <br />Date of termination <br />FEB 13 2019 <br />City of Riverside <br />City Clerks Office <br />A <br />FORM <br />A o <br />For Official Use Only <br />1. Committee Information <br />I.D. Number <br />(f applicable) <br />NAME OF COMMITTEE <br />vie. -1-4n-,c Kvegi As. <br />Gl/mglAT604r \kcr.ra. A & v? <br />CITY <br />FULL MAILING ADDRESS (IF DIFFERENT) <br />STATE <br />CP` <br />ZIP CODE AREA CODE <br />E MAR ADDRESS (REQUIRED) / FAX (OPTIONAL) <br />RYooMX <br />IYQCSi <br />JURISDICTION WHERE CO ITTEE ISACTIVE <br />Ci ' Vessel <br />Attach additional information on appropriately labeled continuation sheets_ <br />3. Verification <br />I have used all reasonable diligence in preparing this <br />penalty of perjury under the <br />dhe laws of the State <br />Executed on (2//071pIE <br />t i <br />By <br />Executed on By <br />DATE <br />Executed on By <br />Executed on By <br />DATE <br />DATE <br />2. Treasurer and Other Principal Officers <br />NAME OF TREASURER <br />(h -i <br />STREET ADDRESS (NO P.O. BOX) <br />cm, <br />�iVeJo <br />NAME OF ANT TREASURER, IF ANY <br />A <br />STATE VP CODE R. - <br />STREET ADDRESS (NO P.0_805) <br />CITY <br />STATE ZIP CODE <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />NAME OF PRINCIPAL OFFICER(S) <br />STREET ADDRESS (NO P.O. BOX) <br />CITY <br />STATE ZIP CODE <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />tement and to the best of my knowledge the information contained herein is true and complete. I certify under <br />SIGNATURE OF TREASURER OR ASSISTANT TREASURER <br />SIGNATURE OF CONTROLLING OFFICEHOLDER, CANDIDATE, OR STATE MEASURE PROPONENT <br />SIGNATURE OF CONTROLLING OFFICEHOLDER. CANDIDATE, OR STATE MEASURE PROPONENT <br />SIGNATURE OF CONTROLUNG OFFICEHOLDER, CANDIDATE, OR STATE MEASURE PROPONENT <br />FPPC Form 410 (August/2018) <br />FPPC Advice: (866/275-3772) <br /> <br />