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Election Canvass <br /> R-16665 adopted 11-10-1987 <br /> MEASURE C <br />CITIZENS' RIGHTS INITIATIVE TO REDUCE COSTLY URBAN SPRAWL TO <br />REDUCE TRAFFIC CONGESTION, TO MINIMIZE UTILITY RATE INCREASES, <br /> AND TO FACILITATE PRESERVATION OF RIVERSIDE'S CITRUS AND <br /> AGRICULTURAL LANDS, ITS SCENIC HILLS, RIDGELINES, ARROYOS AND <br /> WILDLIFE AREAS <br /> <br />Section 1. <br /> <br />Statement of Purposes and Intent. <br />The purposes and intent of this measure are to: <br />· Guarantee the right of Riverside's citizens <br /> <br /> to determine Riverside's future <br /> growth and quality of life. <br />· Reduce costly urban sprawl and minimize future tax and utility rate increases. <br />· Preserve, protect and promote citrus and agriculture uses. <br />· Reduce traffic congestion resulting from rapid growth. <br />· Limit housing densities in the Greenbelt, in La Sierra Lands, and in the <br /> Sycamore Canyon Park area. <br />· Preserve and protect open space lands. <br />· Preserve the vitality of older neighborhoods. <br /> <br />Section 2. <br /> <br />Findings. <br />a. Riverside's quality of life is deteriorating because it is located in one of the <br /> fastest growing areas in the State. Rapid growth is causing: <br /> 1. Traffic congestion <br /> 2. Loss of agricultural and open space lands; <br /> 3. Higher taxes and utility rates to subsidize growth; <br /> 4. Increased air, water, and noise pollution; <br /> 5. Crowding, congestion and increased crime; and <br /> 6. Inadequacy of services and facilities. <br />b. City govemment has failed to implement the minimum requirements of <br /> Riverside's 1979 initiative, Proposition R. <br />c. The City's residential and small business electric rates and per capita debt are <br /> among the highest in the State. <br />d. The cost of developing agricultural lands for urban uses is more expensive to the <br /> taxpayer and utility rate payer than preserving them for agriculture. <br />e. Unplanned expansion of the City boundaries by annexation can have high costs <br /> and significant negative impacts on the City's quality of life, yet the City has no <br /> comprehensive plan for such annexations and expansions. <br />f. Sufficient vacant and developable land exists within the current City boundaries <br /> to meet projected housing needs, including housing for low and moderate <br /> income families, and still preserving agricultural and open space lands. <br />g. The public health, safety, and general welfare will be promoted by the adoption <br /> of this measure. <br /> <br />Section 3. Definitions. <br /> For purposes of this measure, the following words and phrases shall have the following <br />meanings: <br /> a. "Effective date" shall mean the date on which this Initiative measure was adopted <br /> by the City Council of the City of Riverside or the date on which it was passed <br /> by the voters at the polls, whichever occurs first. <br /> <br />G:\clkXmastersXrneasure c 1 <br /> <br /> <br />