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STANDING RULES OF THE <br />HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION <br />CITY OF RIVERSIDE <br />Mission <br />To advocate for equal opportunity, justice, and access to services and opportunities in the City of Riverside. To <br />empower communities and institutions. To promote an informed and inclusive multicultural society. To engage in <br />activities designed to aid in eliminating prejudice, intolerance and discrimination against individuals or groups for <br />any reason, including but not limited to: race, color, religion, national origin, language, immigration status, sex, <br />sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability status, economic status and cultural background. <br />A. Objectives: <br />1. Equal justice and access before the law. <br />2. Equal socio-economic and political opportunity. <br />3. A caring, trusting, and non -biased community with individual dignity and integrity for all. <br />4. Protection of the dignity and integrity of every individual. <br />5. Responsible citizenship. <br />6. Effective consideration of complaints and redress of grievances. <br />7. Equitable opportunities in health, housing, education and employment. <br />s. Education of all in the community relating to basic human rights and responsibilities. <br />9. Protection for all in the City of Riverside from the discrimination and injustice caused by <br />discrimination based of race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and national <br />origin. <br />B. Powers, Duties, and Functions <br />MC Section 2.16.030 <br />The powers, duties and functions of the Human Relations Commission shall include, but not be limited to the <br />following: <br />1. To advise the City Council on all problems of local inter -group relations; <br />2. To study the problems of prejudice and discrimination in the community and the causes thereof; <br />3. To work with other agencies, public and private in developing programs to eliminate prejudice and <br />discrimination; <br />4. To sponsor and encourage educational activities which tend to promote inter -racial, inter -faith, and <br />inter -ethnic harmony, progress, and integration; <br />5. To foster mutual understanding and respect among all racial, religious, and national groups; <br />6. To prepare and submit an annual report to the City Council concerning human relations by the end of <br />the fiscal year; <br />7. To recommend and coordinate effective systems to insure equal justice and access for The City of <br />Riverside. <br />