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COUNCIL/AGENCY <br />- - <br />CITY COUNCIL <br />MINUTES <br />TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2012, 2 P.M. <br />ART PICK COUNCIL CHAMBER <br />CITY HALL <br />3900 MAIN STREET <br />City ofArts Unnovation <br />WARDS <br />G <br />A <br />R <br />D <br />N <br />E <br />R <br />1 <br />MEMBERS <br />M <br />E <br />L <br />E <br />N <br />D <br />E <br />z <br />2 <br />B <br />A <br />I <br />L <br />E <br />Y <br />3 <br />D <br />A <br />V <br />I <br />S <br />4 <br />M <br />A <br />C <br />A <br />R <br />H <br />U <br />R <br />5 <br />H <br />A <br />R <br />T <br />6 <br />A <br />D <br />A <br />M <br />S <br />7 <br />Roll Call: <br />Present <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />A <br />X <br />Mayor Loveridge called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. with all <br />Councilmembers present except Councilmember Hart. <br />PRESENTATION <br />The 452nd Air Mobility Wing Vice -Commander Col. Mary Aldrian discussed <br />the March Air Reserve and its relationship to the City of Riverside and <br />answered questions from the Mayor and City Council. <br />ORAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />Pamela Thompson spoke regarding the home modification process. <br />WORKSHOP <br />SEIZING OUR DESTINY/ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN - <br />FORECLOSURE WORKSHOP <br />Following discussion, the City Council (1) received and ordered filed the <br />overview on the foreclosure conditions and programs; (2) requested staff to <br />work with stakeholder groups to evaluate legislative changes and potential <br />new programs to address the foreclosure crisis; and (3) requested staff to <br />Motion <br />X <br />return to the City Council Development Committee with recommendations <br />Second <br />X <br />within 90 days. <br />All Ayes <br />ORAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />There were no oral comments at this time. <br />CLOSED SESSIONS <br />The City Council recessed to the City Council Board Room for closed <br />sessions pursuant to Government Code (1) §54956.9(a) to confer with and/or <br />receive advice from legal counsel concerning Katja Base, etc. et al. v. <br />Anesha Coleman, et al., USDC Case No. CV09-236 GHK (RCx); <br />(2) §54956.9(a) to confer with and/or receive advice from legal counsel <br />concerning City of Riverside vs. William H. Sackett, et al., Riverside Superior <br />Court Case No. RIC10022421; (3) §54956.9(a) to confer with and/or receive <br />advice from legal counsel concerning Ryan Bonaminio (deceased), Nicole <br />Bonaminio v. City of Riverside, WCAB Claim No. ADJ77723271; and <br />(4) §54957.6 to review the City Council's position and instruct designated <br />representatives regarding salaries, salary schedules, or compensation paid in <br />the form of fringe benefits of all Executive Management employees, all <br />Management and Confidential employees as defined by PERS, Fire <br />97-239 <br />