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e <br />Date: 3 -27 -12 <br />CITY COUNCIL <br />AND Item No.: 19 <br />RIVERSIDE MUNICIPAL <br />IMPROVEMENTS CORPORATION <br />MINUTES <br />TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012, 3 P.M. <br />ART PICK COUNCIL CHAMBER <br />CITY HALL <br />3900 MAIN STREET <br />Roll Call <br />In the absence of Mayor Loveridge, Mayor Pro Tern Davis called the meeting <br />to order at 3 p.m. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS /PLANNING REFERRALS AND APPEALS <br />CASE P10 -0316 - GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT - RESOLUTIONS <br />Hearing was called to consider amendments to the Public Safety Element, <br />the Open Space and Conservation Element, and the Public Facilities and <br />Infrastructure Element of the General Plan 2025 to implement the <br />requirements of California State Assembly Bill 162 (AB 162) and to <br />incorporate technical and clarifying changes to the General Plan 2025 <br />Program. No one spoke on the matter. Two letters were presented and <br />considered. The public hearing was officially closed. Following discussion, <br />the City Council (1) determined that the proposed project will not have a <br />significant effect on the environment based on the findings below and <br />adopted the Third Addendum to the Certified Final Program Environmental <br />Impact Report (PEIR) for the General Plan 2025 Program; pursuant to <br />California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15162: <br />(a) there are no substantial changes to the project that would require major <br />revisions of the Final PEIR for the Program due to new significant <br />environmental effects or a substantial increase in the severity of impacts <br />identified in the Final PEIR; (b) no substantial changes have occurred in the <br />circumstances under which the project is being undertaken that will require <br />major revisions of the Final PEIR to disclose new significant environmental <br />effects or that would result in a substantial increase in the severity of the <br />impacts identified in the Final PEIR; and (c) there is no new information of <br />substantial importance, which was not known at the time that the previous <br />Final PEIR was circulated, indicating that: (i) the proposed General Plan <br />Amendment will not have one or more significant effects not previously <br />discussed in the Final PEIR; (ii) there are no impacts that were determined to <br />be significant in the previous Final PEIR that would be substantially more <br />severe; (iii) there are no additional mitigation measures or alternatives to the <br />project that would substantially reduce one or more of the significant effects <br />identified in the previous Final PEIR; and (iv) there are no additional <br />mitigation measures or alternatives which were rejected by the project <br />proponent that are considerably different from those analyzed in the previous <br />Final PEIR that would substantially reduce any significant impact identified in <br />the Final PEIR; (2) approved Case P10 -0316 based on and subject to the <br />Planning Commission findings as outlined in the written staff report; <br />(3) adopted a resolution amending the General Plan 2025; and (4) adopted a <br />WARDS <br />Present <br />COUNCIL /AGENCY <br />MEMBERS <br />G M B D M H A <br />A E A A A A D <br />R L I V C R A <br />D E L I T M <br />N N E S A S <br />E D Y R <br />R R T <br />E H <br />Z U <br />R <br />onume0 <br />NINNIN <br />7 <br />X <br />97 -229 <br />