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CityCounncilMMemooranddum <br />O: HONORBLE MAOR AND ITY COUCILDTE: Marh 27, 201 <br />TTAAYYCCNNAAcc22 <br />ROM:DEVELOPMENT DPARTMETITM NO: <br />FFEENNEE <br />WRD: All <br />AA <br />UBJECT: SUCCESOR AENCYOUSINGASSET LISTS,PROPERY <br />SSSSGGHHTT <br />TRANSFER AND DDISPOSITIOON LISTS AAND DISPOSITIONGGUIDELINEES <br />AND SEAF LOAN REPAYMNT SCHDULE <br />RREEEE <br />ISSSUE: <br />he issue before the City Council, as Successogency tothe Redvelopment Agency <br />TTrAAee <br />(uccessorAgency), i to consider and aprove the ousing aset lists, poperty trasfer and <br />SSsspphhssrrnn <br />disposition lsts, Dispoition Guidlines, and a SERAF loan repayent scheule to be resented <br />iisseemmddpp <br />t the Overight Board for approvl. <br />oossaa <br />ECOMMEDATION: <br />RRNNSS <br />hat the City Counci, as Sucessor Agncy to th Redevelpment Aency appove and <br />TTllcceeeeooggrr <br />reecommendOversightBoard apprroval of the following: <br />1. The list of Agencyy propertiess deemed to be public facilitypropertiesto be permmanently <br />retainedby the Cit of Riversie (Exhibit ); <br />yyddAA <br />2. The list ofgencyassets demed to b housing assets to e transfered to the Housing <br />Aeeeebbrr <br />Authorityy (Housing PProperties–– Exhibit B-1, Housingg Loans Reeceivable – Exhibit B-22); <br />3. The houssing properrties that weere transferrred to the Housing Authority in 22011 should remain <br />with the ousing Athority (Ehibit C); <br />HHuuxx <br />4. The proosed repament schdule (Exhibit D) for te repaymnt of the edevelopent Low <br />ppyyeehheeRRmm <br />and Moderate Houssing Set-asiide fund loaans in the aamount of $$20,571,2333; <br />5. The list oof Agency properties that have existing obbligations/coontracts thaat are not available <br />for geneal dispositon (Exhibi E); <br />rritt <br />6. The list f Agency roperties t be dispoed (Exhibi F); and <br />ooppoosstt <br />7. The proerty Dispoition Guidlines (Exhibit G). <br />ppssee <br />