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1. Social Capital — We have continued to support the Senior Corp project in the City which <br />actively recruits and places seniors in volunteer projects. <br />2. Senior Resource Conference — We have continued to partner with the Riverside Police <br />Department and the Janet Goeske Senior Center to hold the Annual Senior Conference. <br />2. Senior Photography Contest — The 2 nd Annual was held in 2011 and it grew in the <br />number of contestants and the quality of the reception; 127 photographs were <br />submitted. It is an event we hope to continue each year going forward. <br />3. Continued Exploration of Best Practices - As we listen to the ideas of seniors who visit <br />our meetings, we look for ways to lend out support to those which might have a wide <br />impact on seniors in the City. This year Mr. Tom Taylor brought us the draft of a paper <br />he had written to help seniors easily work through the complicated process of hearing <br />testing and the purchase of hearing aids should that be necessary. The Commission <br />believed Mr. Taylor's work was important and agreed to endorse his guide, entitled <br />"Adventures in Audiologyland," so he might meet with Senior Center directors and <br />make them aware of his work. City Staff have also created a wonderful PowerPoint <br />presentation Mr. Taylor can use in his meetings; we are in the process of having 100 <br />initial copies printed and Mr. Taylor will join us at the Senior Resource Conference to <br />begin to distribute those copies. <br />IV. Social Event Accomplishments <br />In an effort to recognize seniors and provide enjoyment to seniors in our community, the <br />Mayor's Commission on Aging hosted the following events: <br />• Annual Spring Fling— In April of 2011, the Commission hosted more than 125 senior - <br />living residents for a luncheon party for fun and entertainment at the La Sierra Senior <br />Center. <br />• Senior Citizen Award Ceremony— In 2004, the Mayor's Commission on Aging created <br />the Annual Senior Citizen Awards to recognize seniors who have made significant <br />contributions to the quality of life in Riverside. In October 2011, the Commission hosted <br />its Annual Senior Citizen Award Ceremony with a reception to honor the award <br />• <br />