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Attachment to Mayor's Commission on Aging Report <br />Mayor's Commission on Aging's 2011 Report to City Council <br />Mission Statement <br />The mission of the Riverside Mayor's Commission on Aging is to enhance the quality of life for <br />seniors in our community. We study local senior issues to learn about current programs, define <br />future needs, and reference best practices. We then make recommendations to the Mayor and <br />City Council on ways we think the City of Riverside can maintain and improve its status as a <br />Senior - Friendly Community. <br />II. Mayor's Commission on Aging Members <br />Julie Brown- Tartaglino Vice -Chair (Ward 4), Bud Fish (Citywide Ward 3), Marie Leggette <br />Vice -Chair (Ward 2), Cyndi Pardee Chair (Ward 1), Adeny Schmidt (Ward 7), Sandra Tarmo <br />(Ward 5). Commissioners who have recently left us are: Freeda Carter, Don Coon and Mary <br />Holley. Interviews are in process to fill these vacancies. We will shortly present to the Mayor <br />and the City Council a request for approval of an addendum to the Commission By -Laws that <br />would add two additional at -large Commissioners to the team. <br />III. Projects Accomplished <br />To enhance the quality of life for seniors living in the City of Riverside and to provide <br />opportunities to continue to enhance Riverside's reputation as a Senior Friendly City, the <br />Commission has completed the following projects: <br />MWAr <br />