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TRANSCRIPT OF HEARING BY THE CODE OF ETHICS <br />ADJUDICATING BODY ON JULY 19, 2011 <br />MEMBERS: Chair Robert Elliott and Members Georgia Warnke, Donald Hawecker, Susan Coffer, <br />Ralph Megna, and Alternate Arthur Butler. <br />STAFF PRESENT: Colleen Nicol, Gregory Priamos, and Bradley Hudson <br />ALSO PRESENT: Taffi Brandriff, Mary Shelton, Alicia Robinson, Robert Melsh, John Brandriff, <br />Michael Morales, and Tom Schultz <br />ELLIOTT: I'd like to call this meeting to order and introduce each of the committee members. My <br />name is Robert Elliott and I am the Chairman of Public Utilities Commission. <br />BUTLER: Art Butler, Chair of the Human Resources Board. <br />COFFER: Susan Coffer, President of the Board of Library Trustees. <br />WARNKE: Georgia Warnke, Chair of the Human Relations Commission. <br />MEGNA: Ralph Megna, Chair of the Cultural Heritage Board. <br />HAWECKER: Donald Hawecker, Chairman of Commission on Disabilities. <br />ELLIOTT: Mr. Butler will be the alternate. All members are present. I'd like to call the City Attorney <br />to explain the procedures to followed for the hearing. <br />PRIAMOS: Yes, Mr. Chairman. Oral communications from the public, each speaker is limited to <br />three minutes. Speaker cards must be submitted to the City Clerk in order to have an <br />opportunity to speak. The public comment must be specifically directed at the complaint <br />at issue or the speaker will be asked to properly focus their comments or they will be <br />called out of order. The Body is advised the public comment is not evidence on the issue <br />of whether or not a Code of Ethics violation has occurred and thus should not be <br />considered as such. At the conclusion of public comment the complainant will be given <br />15 minutes in which to make a presentation and add anything to the written complaint <br />previously submitted. The party against whom the complaint has been asserted will then <br />be given an opportunity to respond, make a statement and /or submit any evidence on his <br />behalf. Following the response and submission of any evidence on his behalf, the <br />hearing will be closed and the Body will discuss, deliberate and vote as to whether or not <br />the evidence supports a finding of a violation of the Code of Ethics. <br />Since we don't have the speaker cards I guess we can proceed without them at this point <br />Mr. Chair. <br />ELLIOTT: [inaudible] If you would come up and introduce yourself sir. <br />MELSH: I'd be happy to. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Robert Melsh. I'm here to speak on <br />behalf of Mr. Brandriff. I would state at the outset to those of you who are sitting on this <br />distinguished panel to take a minute and to reflect on the rules and procedures of your <br />specific commission, particularly the gentleman dealing with civility. Look at those rules <br />and procedures and determine what sort of rules govern absences, particularly excessive <br />absences. And consider what sort of consequences there are for excessive absences <br />MM <br />