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City Council Memorandum <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCILDATE: July 26, 2011 <br />FROM: HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT ITEM NO: <br />WARD: ALL <br />SUBJECT: INCREASE TO AGREEMENT WITH THE LAW OFFICES OF <br />CIHIGOYENTCHE, GROSSBERG AND CLOUSE <br />ISSUE: <br />The Human Resources Department requests approval to increase the agreement with <br />Cihigoyentche, Grossberg and Clouse to an amount not to exceed $150,000. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />That the City Council approve an increase to the agreement with Cihigoyentche, Grossberg and <br />Clouse to an amount not to exceed $150,000. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The Human Resources Department recently executed an agreement with the law offices of <br />Cihigoyentche, Grossberg and Clouse to provide legal support services to the Human Resources <br />Department. The City Council previously authorized an increase to the agreement in an amount not <br />to exceed $100,000. The Human Resources Department now requests to increase the limit of the <br />agreement to an amount not to exceed $150,000 to complete the legal support that is being <br />provided to the Human Resources Department. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: <br />Sufficient funds are already available from the City’s Litigation Trust Fund. <br />Prepared by: Rhonda Strout, Human Resources Director <br />Certified as to availability <br />of funds: Paul C. Sundeen, Assistant City Manager/CFO/Treasurer <br />Approved by: Belinda J. Graham, Assistant City Manager <br />for Bradley J. Hudson, City Manager <br />Approved as to form: Gregory P. Priamos, City Attorney <br />