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City Council /Redevelopment Agency Memorandum — Main Library • Page 2 <br />better maximize the library program requirements. <br />The recommended total budget for the environmental services, legal fees and all misc. costs is as <br />follows: <br />$352,100 <br />Webb environmental consulting services <br />35,210 <br />10% Consultant contingency <br />24,750 <br />Legal Services <br />31,435 <br />Planning, Fish & Game Fees <br />15,000 <br />Misc. postage, advertising, printing, and mailing <br />50,000 <br />Staff administration to support the environmental review <br />$508,495 <br />Project Budget Costs <br />($ 200,000) <br />Less initial amount approved by Council August 11, 2009 <br />$308,495 <br />Additional appropriation required <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />There is no impact to the General Fund. The total project cost is estimated at $508,495, including <br />consulting services, contingencies, permit fees, administration and staff costs. Sufficient funds are <br />available in the 2011 Unprogrammed Taxable Bond Account No. 9854800 - 440446. <br />Submitted by: Tina English, Interim Development Director <br />Certified as to <br />availability of funds: Paul C. Sundeen, Assistant City Manager /CFO /Treasurer <br />Approved by: Deanna Lorson, Assistant City Manager <br />for Bradley J. Hudson, City Manager <br />Approved as to form: Gregory P. Priamos, City Attorney <br />Attachment: Exhibit "A" — Site Map <br />V5 <br />20 -2 <br />