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CITY OF RIVERSIDE <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL MEMORANDUM <br /> <br />HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br /> <br />DATE: June 1, 1999 <br /> <br />ITEM NO.: <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />PROPOSED AMENDMENT OF THE C-3 (GENERAL COMMERCIAL) ZONE TO <br />REQUIRE NEW AUTOMOBILE REPAIR GARAGES TO BE ESTABLISHED UNDER A <br />CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT/URGENCY ORDINANCE <br /> <br />Background: <br /> <br />An inquiry has recently been made to City staff regarding the possible construction of an automobile lube and time <br />facility on a parcel of C-3 zoned land on a section of Magnolia Avenue in the heart of Magnolia Center. The <br />Planning Department advises that this type of use together with automobile repair garages, including incidental <br />automobile painting and body and fender work, are permitted as a matter of right in the C-3 Zone without review <br />by either the Planning Commission or City Council. <br /> <br />Although the lack of public review of such intensive uses may have been appropriate forty years ago when the C-3 <br />Zone was first established in the City, I believe that the lack of formal review in today's environment will result <br />in the creation of significant negative compatibility problems on sensitive street frontages throughout the City. <br />Magnolia Avenue is a prime example of a sensitive corridor. As the Council is aware, considerable consultant and <br />community effort has recently been put forth to arrive at policies and programs to upgrade the appearance of the <br />Avenue in key locations, including Magnolia Center. Substantial concentrations of C-3 zoned properties are located <br />along arterial streets in the City designated as Scenic Boulevards on the Transportation Element of the General Plan. <br />These arterials include Magnolia Avenue, Arlington Avenue, Van Buren Boulevard, La Sierra Avenue, University <br />Avenue, Mission Inn Avenue and Alessandro Boulevard. <br /> <br />In view of the currrently on-going studies concerning Magnolia Avenue and the Arlington Community and in order <br />to insure that the inappropriate and indiscriminate location of automobile repair garages and similar related uies <br />do not occur without a formal review, I believe that the City's Zoning Code should be amended to require the <br />issuance of a conditional use permit before any new repair or service garage located in a C-3 Zone is allowed to be <br />established or an existing garage allowed to expand when located on a Scenic Boulevard. I also believe that this <br />is a matter of great urgency. <br /> <br />This concem could be addressed through adoption of an urgency ordinance (draft attached). If adopted at today' s <br />meeting a moratorium would in effect be placed on the acceptance of any applications for development of these <br />types of nses until necessary planning studies have been completed, development standards identified and needed <br />ordinances adopted. There are currently no pending building permit applications for an automobile repair\service <br />garage in the C-3 Zone along designated Scenic Boulevards. State law also requires that a public hearing be held <br />by the City Council in 45 days to formally consider an extension of the urgency ordinance up to a maximum of 10 <br /> <br />15-1 <br /> <br /> <br />