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P09- 0205/P09 -0206 • Page 2 <br />BACKGROUND <br />The proposed project involves the closure of Dufferin Avenue, between McAllister Parkway <br />and Stewart Street, to vehicular traffic. The project was initiated to eliminate cut - through traffic <br />from motorists currently utilizing Dufferin Avenue, between McAllister Parkway and Stewart <br />Street, as a short -cut through the Arlington Heights Greenbelt. The closure of the subject <br />portion of Dufferin Avenue to vehicular traffic will implement a required condition of approval <br />applied to two County approved Tract Maps (TM -30295 and TM- 30337) by the Riverside <br />County Board of Supervisors in 2003. As conditioned by the County Board of Supervisors, the <br />closure was required to occur prior to the recordation of these two maps and prior to the <br />construction of any residences within these subdivisions. Since that time, the tract maps have <br />been recorded and homes constructed within these subdivisions without this condition being <br />implemented by the County. <br />As outlined in the Planning Commission staff report (Attachment 2), the closure of Dufferin <br />Avenue at McAllister Parkway to vehicular traffic is necessary based on the following facts: <br />• The closure is necessary to protect the Arlington Heights Greenbelt from further <br />increases in cut - through traffic that have been quantified by the City's Public Works <br />Department. The subject portion of Dufferin Avenue is located at a key entry /exit point of <br />the Arlington Heights Greenbelt, where motorists utilize this portion of Dufferin Avenue to <br />access other greenbelt streets as short cuts to retail, medical, office and other <br />institutional facilities within the City of Riverside. The cut - through traffic generated <br />through the subject segment of Dufferin Avenue (4,279 trips per day) is inconsistent with <br />Proposition R and Measure C, voter initiated ballot measures passed in 1979 and 1987, <br />respectively, to protect the rural, agricultural nature of the greenbelt. <br />Measure C requires the City to take appropriate actions to "promote and preserve <br />agricultural uses and agricultural lands ", including to "Protect Greenbelt streets from <br />heavy traffic ". Thus, to close Dufferin Avenue between McAllister Parkway and Stewart <br />Street to vehicular traffic would eliminate an unnecessary entry /exit point to the Arlington <br />Heights Greenbelt, thereby protecting the greenbelt from high volumes of cut - through <br />traffic, consistent with Proposition R and Measure C. As discussed later in this report, <br />there are plenty of alternate routes to access points north and east of the subject closure, <br />with only insignificant delays; <br />• Dufferin Avenue, as with all other greenbelt streets, has limited physical improvements in <br />accordance with Proposition R and Measure C. These streets consist of relatively narrow <br />pavement sections (typically 20 -25 feet in width) and typically have no curb or gutters; <br />only unimproved shoulders typically exist on either side of the paved roadways. As such, <br />these streets are not designed to accommodate a continually increasing number of <br />vehicle trips; they are intentionally narrow to protect the greenbelt from heavy traffic, <br />consistent with Proposition R and Measure C; <br />• The closure of the segment of Dufferin Avenue in question is also consistent with the City <br />of Riverside's General Plan, which includes objectives, goals and policies to preserve the <br />agricultural character of the Arlington Heights Greenbelt and protect it from potential <br />sources of cut- through traffic; <br />1 -2 <br />