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City Council Memorandum <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: <br />SUBJECT: <br />CITY MANAGER <br />DATE: MARCH 10, 2009 <br />ITEM NO: 14 <br />WARDS: 1 & CITYWIDE <br />OPTIONS TO ENHANCE ARTS & CULTURE FACILITIES IN DOWNTOWN <br />RIVERSIDE <br />RECOMMENDATIONS <br />That the City Council: <br />1. Review recommendations from the Library and Museum Boards regarding <br />options to enhance the Riverside Metropolitan Museum and the Downtown <br />Library. <br />2. Consider the following recommendations, initially presented during the Council <br />Workshop held on January 20, 2009: <br />a. Plan for an unprecedented $70 -80 million investment in the Municipal <br />Auditorium ($15 million), Metropolitan Museum ($18 million), and a new <br />Downtown Library ($40 -45 million); <br />b. Identify municipal funding mechanisms through which the City can allocate <br />up to $25 million toward this effort; <br />c. Strongly support a community endeavor to achieve major private sector <br />contributions <br />d. Inaugurate a community -based effort to present Riverside voters with an <br />opportunity to invest up to $55 million in Riverside's future as the Arts & <br />Culture capital of Inland Southern California; <br />e. Direct staff to develop a design for a renovation and seismic retrofit of the <br />Riverside Municipal Auditorium, authorizing use of the architect currently <br />under contract to be constructed when funding becomes available; <br />f. Direct staff to move forward with design of a seismic retrofit and general <br />renovation of the existing Riverside Metropolitan Museum at an estimated <br />cost of approximately $11 million to be constructed when funding becomes <br />available; <br />g. Authorize Design Development for an expansion immediately behind the <br />existing RMM facility (with the ultimate size to be determined by available <br />space as well as programming /design elements), authorizing use of the <br />architect currently under contract for the seismic project, with construction <br />to be undertaken when funding becomes available; <br />14 -1 <br />