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CITY OF RIVER~.~DE <br /> <br />Minutes of Regular Meeting of the City Council <br />Date of Meeting: November 2, 1993 <br />Time of Meeting: 9 A.M. <br />Place of Meeting: Council Chamber, City Hall <br /> <br />Roll Call: <br /> <br />The Invocation was given by Marjorie yon Pohle from the audi- <br />ence. <br /> <br />The Pledge of Allegiance was given to the Flag. <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />The Minutes of the Meeting of October 19, 1993, were approved <br />as presented. <br /> <br />The Chair recognized the presence in the audience of Matt Webb <br />representing the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce and <br />Jerry Cornelison representing the University-Canyon Crest <br />Chamber of Commerce. <br /> <br />PRESENTATIONS <br /> <br />Mayor Frizzel presented a Proclamation to Allison MacKenzie, <br />President, Zonta Club Riverside, proclaiming the week of No- <br />vember 7-13 as Literacy Week in the City of Riverside. <br /> <br />Mayor Frizzel presented a Certificate to Mel Abeyta, Purchas- <br />ing Services Manager, from the National Association of Pur- <br />chasing Management, designating him as a Certified Purchasing <br />Manager. <br /> <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />The following items, presented to the City Council on the Con- <br />sent Calendar for consideration, were approved by one motion <br />affirming the actions appropriate to each item. <br /> <br />CITY PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> <br />ZONING CASE CU-003-934 - RAY AND ANNA MARQUEZ - 9306 INDIANA <br />A communication was presented from the City Planning Commis- <br />sion advising that, on October 7, 1993, the Commission, by a <br />vote of 9 ayes to 0 noes, approved subject to conditions the <br />request of Ray and Anna Marquez, Zoning Case CU-003-934, for a <br />conditional use permit to expand a nonconforming use by adding <br />an approximately 352-square-foot room addition to an existing <br />nonconforming single-family residence on approximately .16 <br />acre of land at 9306 Indiana Avenue, situated on the southwest <br />corner of Gibson Street and Indiana Avenue, in Zone M-l; and <br />determined that the proposal would not have a significant ad- <br />verse effect on the environment. The City Council determined <br />it would not set the matter for public hearing. <br /> <br />CITY MANAGER <br /> <br />PASSENGER VAN - BID WAIVER RESOLUTION <br />A written report was submitted from the City Manager and the <br />Assistant City Manager, concurred in by the Purchasing Servic- <br /> <br /> WARDS <br />Present <br /> <br />Motion <br />Second <br />All Ayes <br /> <br />Motion <br />Second <br />All Ayes <br /> <br />LCDTCTP <br />OLEALHE <br />VAFVIOA <br />EREAFMR <br />RKNGFPS <br />IEBLOSO <br />D AIRON <br />G UODN <br />E GN <br /> HE <br /> <br />1234567 <br /> <br />XAXAXXX <br /> <br /> X <br />X <br /> <br /> X <br />X <br /> <br />79-222 <br /> <br /> <br />