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COUNCIL /AGENCY <br />MEMBERS <br />l+l I Y C+UUIV L11L <br />AND <br />REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />REGULAR AND SPECIAL MEETING <br />MINUTES <br />TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011, 3 P.M. <br />ART PICK COUNCIL CHAMBER <br />City 4Arts Unnovation CITY HALL <br />3900 MAIN STREET WARDS <br />G <br />R <br />D <br />N <br />E <br />R <br />1 <br />M <br />L <br />E <br />N <br />D <br />E <br />z <br />2 <br />B <br />A <br />I <br />L <br />E <br />Y <br />3 <br />D <br />V <br />I <br />S <br />4 <br />M <br />C <br />A <br />R <br />H <br />U <br />R <br />5 <br />H <br />R <br />T <br />6 <br />A <br />A <br />M <br />S <br />7 <br />Roll Call: <br />Present <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />A <br />X <br />X <br />X <br />In the absence of Mayor Loveridge, Mayor Pro Tern Mac Arthur called the <br />meeting to order at 3 p.m. with all Councilmembers present except <br />Councilmember Davis. <br />WORKSHOP <br />RIVERSIDE RENAISSANCE UPDATE <br />Following discussion, the City Council received and ordered filed the <br />Riverside Renaissance update. <br />ORAL COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE <br />Vivian Moreno spoke regarding Webb Engineering, Market Broiler Provider, <br />Sevilla, and catering projects. Karen Wright spoke regarding public comment <br />period, Friday Morning Club, Redevelopment, Candidates for upcoming <br />elections, and Marcy Branch Library. Joel Udayke spoke regarding the <br />Flowerloft, non - support of downtown businesses, and support of Dvonne <br />Pitruzzello. Randy Moory spoke regarding fines levied against <br />6066 St. Augustine. Lenora Taylor spoke regarding Grams BBQ, Fox theater <br />and new hotel, and support of downtown businesses. Shirley Ferrante spoke <br />regarding the Police, crime, and seniors. Irma Flores spoke regarding <br />Redevelopment and purchasing equipment from Mexico. <br />CLOSED SESSIONS <br />The City Council recessed to the City Council Board Room for closed <br />sessions pursuant to Government Code (1) §54956.9(b)(1) to confer with <br />and /or receive advice from legal counsel concerning two cases of anticipated <br />litigation; (2) §54956.9(a) to confer with and /or receive advice from legal <br />counsel concerning Sean Gill v. City of Riverside, Riverside Superior Court <br />Case No. RIC 10006778; and (3) §54957.6 to review the City Council's <br />position and instruct designated representatives regarding salaries, salary <br />schedules, or compensation paid in the form of fringe benefits of all Executive <br />Management employees, all Management and Confidential employees as <br />defined by PERS, Fire Management Unit, Riverside City Firefighters <br />Association, Riverside Police Officers Association (Police and Police <br />Supervisory Units), Service Employees International Union #721, <br />International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #47, and Riverside Police <br />Administrators Association. <br />96 -336 <br />