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2010/11 Annual Budget <br />CITY MANAGER'S BUDGET MESSAGE <br />Page 2 <br />Recent newspaper headlines convey a wide range of strategies pursued <br />by local governments throughout California. Cities and counties that <br />ignored clear economic trends over the past 3 -4 years must now slash <br />public services and institute waves of employee layoffs to begin <br />balancing their budgets. Jurisdictions that have opted to draw down <br />reserves rather than make strategic spending reductions now face the <br />grim reality of depleted contingency funds. The State of California <br />continues to tinker with budgetary gimmicks while education and safety <br />services relied upon by youth, families and the aged remain at risk for <br />sharp reductions. <br />The City of Riverside, by contrast, enters Fiscal Year 2010 -2011 in a <br />forward lean. The Proposed Budget preserves key services, maintains a <br />prudent General Fund Reserve and retains a highly productive workforce. <br />FY 2009 -2010 in Review <br />As we prepare to enter into the new fiscal year, it's important to review <br />the projected year -end status of the current spending plan. <br />City Departments will complete the current year well within budget <br />parameters, having managed spending below levels approved in the <br />budget. Their success in this effort included aggressive pursuit of <br />additional revenues along with detailed analysis of staffing requirements. <br />As the City will complete the year without drawing upon the General <br />Fund Reserve, $40 million remains in this account. <br />At this point in the year, taxpayers across California are besieged by <br />negative messages from government agencies that seem fixated on what <br />A -3 <br />