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Date: 11 -23 -09 <br />Item No.: 1 <br />- - - -- Original Message----- - <br />From: dunn [mailto:dunn] <br />Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 10:15 AM <br />To: Morton - Ellis, Sherry <br />Cc: michael.dunn; deborah.wong; <br />ldunn3l4 <br />Subject: Hubbard Conflict of interest <br />To: Ms Colleen J. Nicol <br />City Clerk, City of Riverside <br />Dear Ms Nicol: <br />Please find attached a pdf document alleging that CPRC <br />Commissioner Peter Hubbard has a serious conflict of <br />interest, or the appearance of a serious conflict of <br />interest, in his work as a Commissioner. <br />Please acknowledge receipt of this document, and if <br />possible please provide us with a time -line for the <br />processing of this complaint. <br />Sincerely, <br />Michael Dunn (Co- Chair, Riverside Coalition for Police <br />Accountability) michael.dunn @ucr_edu <br />Deborah Wong (Co- Chair, Riverside Coalition for Police <br />Accountability) deborah.wong <br />1 -1 <br />