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F("r Yy'p�,wS�1 1 J A�� <br /> ;p A , � .� , c � City Council Memorandum <br /> TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL DATE: July 24, 2012 <br /> FROM: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br /> DEVELOPMENT DIVISION ITEM NO: 23 <br /> WARD: 3 <br /> SUBJECT: SURPLUS DECLARATION OF THE FORMER MARCY BRANCH <br /> LIBRARY LOCATED AT 3711 CENTRAL AVENUE, ASSESSOR PARCEL <br /> NUMBERS 225-124-014 AND 225-124-016 AND AUTHORIZATION TO <br /> DISPOSE OF PROPERTY FOR RE-USE - SUPPLEMENTAL <br /> APPROPRIATION <br /> ISSUE: <br /> The issue for City Council consideration is whether to declare as surplus the former Marcy <br /> Branch Library located at 3711 Central Avenue, identified as Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs) <br /> 225-124-014 and 225-124-016 (Property - Exhibit A). <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS: <br /> That the City Council: <br /> 1. Declare as surplus the former Marcy Branch Library located at 3711 Central Avenue, <br /> APNs 225-142-014 and 225-124-016; <br /> 2. Authorize market of the Property for sale subject to a Historic Fagade Covenant requiring <br /> preservation of the structure's historical significance; and <br /> 3. Authorize an appropriation of $10,000 to account 2845000-421000 for costs associated <br /> with the sale which will be offset with proceeds from the disposition. <br /> COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION: <br /> On June 21, 2012 the Development Committee (Chair Gardner, Vice Chair Adams, and Member <br /> Mac Arthur), received a presentation regarding the potential surplus declaration of the former <br /> Marcy Branch Library. The Development Committee unanimously recommended that staff seek <br /> City Council approval to declare the Property as surplus to allow disposition subject to <br /> conditions to preserve its historical significance. <br /> 23-1 <br />