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Date: 10 -18 -11 <br />Item No.: 34a <br />CA Cit <br />Oct. 7, 2011 <br />Issue #111 <br />IN THIS ISSUE: <br />Page 4: Register Today to Attend NLC's Congress of Cities <br />Page 5: ILG Offers Guide to Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of CEQA Review <br />The Hit List from <br />GOVERNOR SIGNS SB 244, CREATING UNFUNDED MANDATE REQUIRING CITIES <br />TO PLAN FOR UNINCORPORATED COMMUNITIES <br />Unfortunately, Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 244 (Wolk) today, which requires cities to update their <br />general plan by the next revision of their housing element to plan for disadvantaged <br />unincorporated communities, including communities outside a city's boundaries if it is in the city's <br />sphere of influence. In addition, it also requires the local agency formation commission to deny <br />any application by a city to annex a territory that is contiguous to a disadvantaged community, <br />unless a second application is submitted for the disadvantaged community. <br />For more, see Page 2. <br />••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• <br />STATE COURT OF APPEAL DEEMS LOCAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA PERMIT <br />ORDINANCE PRE - EMPTED BY FEDERAL LAW <br />The Second District of the California Court of Appeal filed a published decision (Pack v. Superior <br />Court /City of Long Beach) this week, holding that the city of Long Beach ordinance that regulates <br />medical marijuana collectives through a permit process is pre - empted by the federal law that <br />prohibits the possession and distribution of marijuana (the Controlled Substances Act). <br />For more, see Page 2. <br />••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• <br />GOVERNOR ACTS ON SEVERAL EMPLOYER RELATED BILLS <br />Gov. Jerry Brown acted today on several bills related to workers' compensation. The Governor <br />was consistent with the League's position on the majority of these bills, illustrating the success of <br />the League's advocacy efforts on these issues this year. However, unfortunately, the Governor <br />signed SB 857 (Lieu) related to Public Employee Relations Board's (PERB) authority to award <br />damages in the event of an unlawful strike. For more, see Page 2. <br />34a -1 <br />