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Date: 6 -14 -11 <br />Item No.: 13 <br />MEMORANDUM FROM THE MAYOR PRO TEM CONCERNING A CLOSED <br />SESSION BEFORE THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF RIVERSIDE <br />TO: Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council <br />FROM: Christopher H. Mac Arthur, Mayor Pro Tern <br />SUBJECT: Closed Session — Personnel [Government Code §54957] <br />PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE <br />Title(s): City Manager <br />A closed session will be held on June 14, 2011, for the purpose of considering the above - <br />described matter(s). [Gov't. Code §54957] <br />Any disclosures shall include the vote or abstention of each member. <br />O:\Cycom \W PDocs \D010 \P003 \00073865.doc <br />13 <br />