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City Council Memorandum <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL DATE: MAY 24, 2011 <br />FROM: PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT ITEM NO: 31 <br />WARD: 1 <br />SUBJECT: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN CITY OF RIVERSIDE AND <br />COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE — ORANGE SQUARE <br />ISSUE: <br />The issue for City Council consideration is approval of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) <br />with the County of Riverside for the use of up to 150 parking spaces in Orange Square at 3901 <br />Orange Street. <br />RECOMMENDATIONS <br />That the City Council: <br />1. Approve the MOU between the City of Riverside and the County of Riverside for the use of <br />up to 150 parking spaces in Orange Square at 3901 Orange Street effective June 1, 2011 <br />and ending June 1, 2013 in an amount not to exceed $90,000; and <br />2. Authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to execute the MOU. <br />BACKGROUND <br />The City's downtown parking system often requires its users to walk a reasonable distance <br />between their parking places and destinations. A primary challenge for the City is to maximize <br />the efficiency of the existing system -wide parking supply by redistributing parking demand from <br />highly - utilized locations to under - utilized locations. <br />The Public Works Department contracted with Walker Parking Consultants to assess current and <br />future parking supply and demand in the downtown area. In June 2010, the first phase of the <br />study was to conduct a field survey of the current parking supply and demand. The survey <br />results indicated that 150 of the 400 spaces owned by the County in Orange Square at 3901 <br />Orange Street are under - utilized. <br />Recognizing an opportunity to redistribute parking demand from various public parking garages <br />and surface lots, the City began negotiating with the County for the use of up to 150 parking <br />spaces in Orange Square. These spaces will be used to relocate City employees, <br />representatives, or other such users associated with the City, thereby creating available parking <br />spaces throughout downtown for other long -term parking. <br />31 -1 <br />