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SSWC will use the funds in its Disaster Volunteer and the North and South Tsunami centers. <br />MAYOR’S VISIT TO SENDAI <br />Taking advantage of a planned visit to China Sister City Jiangmen, Mayor Loveridge made a <br />detour to Sendai to present a check for $500,000 to Mayor Okuyama and Mr. Masaichi Sato, <br />President of SSWC. He was accompanied by International Relations Officer Lalit Acharya, <br />Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) Board Member Dr. Charles Beaty, John North High <br />School Assistant Principal Rich Davis, and International Relations Council of Riverside (IRC) <br />Sendai Committee co-chairs Karla Adams and Yoko Boucher. <br />During the visit, Mayor Loveridge and the Riverside delegation visited Rokugo Junior High <br />School which has been converted into a refugee center, and the Sendai South Gamo <br />Purification Center (sewage treatment plant) in the heart of the area devastated by the tsunami. <br />They met with Sendai Deputy Mayor Yukimoto Ito and Chairman Noda, President of the Sendai <br />City Assembly, for a briefing on the scope of the devastation and its economic impact on the <br />City of Sendai. Chairman Noda estimated that it would take $90 billion to clean up the areas <br />damaged by the tsunami. At the Rokugo Refugee Center, Mayor Loveridge met with Operations <br />Manager Takuji “Mats” Komatsu who spent six months during the mid-1980s interning at <br />Riverside City Hall. <br />The delegation also visited Sendai International Center where they viewed the Orange <br />th <br />sculpture, Riverside’s 50 anniversary gift to Sendai in 2007. At the Center, they were greeted <br />by members of the Orange Club, the citizen group that oversees the Sister City relationship <br />between Sendai and Riverside. Mr. Shin-Ichi Sato, the Shinto priest who dedicated the <br />Japanese Garden in White Park in Downtown Riverside in 2007, and Mrs. Tomi Itibashi, whose <br />visit in 1951 established the first real contact between the two cities, were among those who met <br />with Mayor Loveridge and the Riverside delegation. <br />On May 5, Mayor Loveridge met with Mayor Okuyama and SSWC President Sato to present <br />Riverside’s check for $500,000. The balance in the SRF will be transferred to Sendai by the end <br />of May. Mayor also presented Mayor Okuyama with a giant flag signed by hundreds of Riverside <br />residents and UCR students. Dr. Beaty presented Mayor Okuyama with letters of sympathy, <br />support and solidarity written by school children from Riverside and nearby areas. <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />: <br />There is no fiscal impact associated with this update. <br />Prepared by: <br />________________________ <br />Ronald O. Loveridge Approved as to form: <br />Mayor Gregory P. Priamos, City Attorney <br />