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Date: 9 -20 -10 <br />Item No.: 2 <br />MEMORANDUM FROM THE CITY ATTORNEY CONCERNING A CLOSED <br />SESSION BEFORE THE PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />TO: The Members of the Public Safety Committee of the City Council <br />FROM: Gregory P. Priamos, City Attorney <br />SUBJECT: Closed Session— License /Permit Determination [Govemment Code §54956.7] <br />Applicant(s): 1 <br />A closed session will be held on September 20, 2010, for the purpose of discussing and <br />determining whether an applicant for a license or license renewal, who has a criminal <br />record, is sufficiently rehabilitated to obtain the license. [Govemment Code §54956.7] <br />If the Public Safety Committee determines, as a result of the closed session, that the <br />issuance or renewal of the license should be denied, the applicant shall be offered the <br />opportunity to withdraw the application. If the applicant withdraws the application, no <br />records shall be kept of the discussions or decisions made at the closed session, and all <br />matters relating to the closed session shall be confidential. If the applicant does not <br />withdraw the application, the Public Safety Committee shall take action at the public <br />meeting during which the closed session is held or at its next public meeting denying the <br />application for the license, but all matters relating to the closed session are confidential and <br />shall not be disclosed without the consent of the applicant, except in an action by an <br />applicant who has been denied a license challenging the denial of the license. <br />[Government Code §54956.7] <br />Dated: September 14, 2010 <br />Prepared by: Gregory P. Priamos <br />City Attorney <br />K <br />0:\ Cycom \VVPDocs \D024 \PO05 \00083459.doc <br />