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1 ORDINANCE NO.70d 1 <br />~ AN ORDINANCE OF THE CI'T~ OF RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, <br />AMENDING SECTION 1.040.110 AND CHAPTER 19.7O OF THE <br />RIVERSIDE MUNIC~AL CEDE TO DEFINE, 1VIODIFY, AND <br />~ IMPLEIV~NT WATER EFFICIENT LANDSCAPE STANDARDS FOR <br />THE CITY~~ <br />5 <br />~ The Cit Council of the Cit of Riverside does ordain as follows: Y y <br />~ Section 1: section 19.C~O.110 Public Projects of the Riverside Mun~c~pal Code <br />~ amended in its entirety as follows. <br />~ "19.040.110 Public Projects. <br />Notwithstand~~a an.y lawful to ~orung regulations, the prov~lon of this <br />11 Title, except fir the provisions of chapter 19.570 water Ecient Landscaping and <br />Irrigation}, shall not apply to any buildings, improvements, lots or premises, owned, <br />1~ leased operated or controlled by the City or any City Project for public purposes by the <br />l~ City of Riverside." <br />14 ti n 2: Cha ter 19.~7O VL~ater Efficient Landsca in and Irri ation is amended in its Sec o p , p g , <br />l ~ la d a follows: entirety and zep ce <br />1 chapter 19,57 <br />17 wATR EFFICIENT LANDSCAPING AND IRRiATIDN <br />1 S 19.570.U10 Purpose <br />19,70.020 Applicability <br />1 19~70.~0 Provisions for the Review and certification of Landscaping and Irrigation <br />19.~70.~40 Landscape Maintenance and Irrigation schedules ~p 19.70.00 certificate Of ompiiance <br />19.7U.Ob0 Recycled Water <br />~ 1 19.570.074 Existing Eandcape~ <br />19.570.04 cemeteries <br />19.570.094 Definitions - <br />19.570.010 Purpose <br />~4 <br />The City finds that: <br />25 <br />A. That the waters of the pity and State are of limited supply and are ~b ject to ever <br />increasing demands; <br />7 1. That the continuation of the City's and State's economic prosperity is dependent <br />on the availability of adequate supplies of water for future uses; <br />~H <br />~rrr arrax~~~'~o~t~~c~ <br />39Da Maw ~r ~,w~~~~~~~~~~ - 1 <br />~~~.~~x <br />11 1 <br />